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    Total Size of U.S. Commercial Real Estate Estimated Between $14 and $17 Trillion

    Nareit completed its third annual round in estimating the size of U.S. commercial real estate, and find that the total dollar value in 2018 was $16.0 trillion, with lower and upper bounds of this estimate of $14.4 to $17.0 trillion.
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    REITs are an Investment Grade Sector

    REITs have made important changes over the past decade in their overall leverage ratios, as well as the composition and structure of their debt.
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    REITs in the Community: CorEnergy and Nareit Participate in U.S. Congressional Roundtable on TRIA

    Nareit was part of a TRIA roundtable in Kansas City on May 31.
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    REIT Earnings Rose to $15.9 billion in Q1

    Funds from operations of all Equity REITs increased to $15.9 billion in the first quarter, according to the Nareit T-Tracker. Occupancy rates remain near the record highs set last year.
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    REIT Usage and Target Date Funds

    In 2003, the share of TDFs with REIT exposure was only 50%, while in 2018, 97% of them invest in REITs. In fact, 60% of TDFs have a dedicated REIT sleeve within their asset allocation.
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    Economic Fundamentals for Commercial Real Estate Strong in Q1

    Gross domestic product surpassed expectations in the first quarter, and strong job growth in March and April provide a favorable backdrop for demand for leased commercial space.
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    Gimme Shelter: REITs and Trade Disputes

    While correlations between stock markets in the United States and China, and the rest of Asia and Europe have risen as trade disputes have heated up, REITs’ correlations with overseas markets have moved lower.