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    Payroll Employment Jump Bodes Well for Continuing CRE Recovery

    NAREIT's Calvin Schnure looks at what the jobs report means for commercial real estate.
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    Federal Government Focuses on Sustainable Buildings

    GSA's Kevin Kampschroer explains why the government is going green.
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    Analytics Important to Energy Efficiency Efforts

    Clean Urban Energy's Phil Bomrad says it's important to maintain energy reduction program.
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    Looking for Low Volatility REIT Stocks

    Cornerstone's Nem Marjanovic says volatility is a major factor for REIT investors in this market.
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    Multihousing Momentum to Remain Strong

    NMHC's Doug Bibby said jobs are needed to sustain the momentum.
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    REIT Dividend Growth Potential a Key Component of REIT Story

    SNL's Keven Lindemann says REIT dividend growth to continue in 2012.
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    Dividends Help REITs Outpace Market in January

    NAREIT's Brad Case says REITs are key to income-oriented investors.