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    REITs Lose Ground in November

    FTSE/NAREIT All REIT Index drops 0.3 percent.
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    Quick Study: Investor Uncertainty Produces Quiet Month for REITs

    Brad Case
    NAREIT’s Brad Case says investors waiting for more information on economy, Fed policy. 
  • REIT Magazine

    One-on-One With Weyerhaeuser CEO Doyle Simons

    Doyle Simons
    Weyerhaeuser consolidates its position as a timberland REIT powerhouse.
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    Timber REIT Rayonier Expects Increased Harvest

    CEO David Nunes says New Zealand joint venture boosts diversification.
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    Equity, Mortgage REITs on Divergent Paths in November

    Brad Case
    NAREIT’s Brad Case says REIT fundamentals remain strong.  
  • REIT Magazine

    Potlatch Prepares for the Future of Timberlands

    Potlatch Corp. finds its niche with a return to "a simple timberland and solid wood products manufacturing structure." 
  • Nareit Video

    Rayonier’s Newly Acquired Timberlands “Highly Productive,” According to CEO

    David Nunes
    Rayonier CEO offers his insights on the Chinese timber market, U.S.-Canada softwood lumber agreement.