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    Parkway Sustainability Chief's New Venture Specializing in Retrofits

    Daniele Horton of Parkway Properties and Verdani Partners on improving efficiency of existing building stock.
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    Prologis, Weyerhaeuser Named to Global 100 Sustainability Index

    Index uses range of sector-specific sustainability metrics.
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    Vornado Executive Says Health Next Sustainability Frontier

    Vornado Realty's Sukanya Paciorek sees sustainability efforts evolving beyond energy efficiency.
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    Data Collection Important for Green Projects, Executive Says

    John Forester of REIT Management and Research discusses the company's current sustainability initiatives.
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    Equity One Refining Sustainability Metrics

    Equity One's Joe Lopez sees need to engage customers in sustainability.
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    Development Standards Changing, Sustainability Executive Says

    Kilroy Realty's Sara Neff sees shift in expectations for green building.
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    EPA's Energy Star Program Looks to Next Phase in Sustainability

    EPA senior advisor Cindy Jacobs says water, waste efficiency next areas of focus.