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REIT Basics

This section of is intended to provide an introduction to real estate investing through REITs (real estate investment trusts) and includes some valuable resources that highlight the value and importance that REITs provide to investors, the economy and our communities.

The “What is a REIT” and “REIT FAQs” sections provide a more detailed explanation of the concepts and terminology necessary to understand REITs and REIT investing. This information is for educational purposes only; please consult a financial professional before making any investment decisions.

Below are some additional materials that provide an introduction to the basics of REITs.


The REIT Way

A brief explanation of what is a REIT.


REITs: Everywhere, Every Day

A day in the life of a family that realizes how many ways they interact with REIT-owned properties in a given day.


How REITs Work

Let’s go to the whiteboard to take a look at the REIT rules.




The REIT Story

A brief introduction to the benefits of investing in REITs.

Which Type of REIT is Right for You?

Outlining the characteristics of publicly traded, public non-listed and private REITs.

Equity REIT Brochure

An introduction to understanding and investing in Equity REITs.

Mortgage REIT Brochure

An introduction to understanding and investing in Mortgage REITs.