March/April 2019

JBG SMITH’s selection as the developer of Amazon’s Northern Virginia headquarters accelerates the REIT’s revitalization plans.

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  • Empower, Educate, and Excite

    From investing in growth opportunities to encouraging stretch assignments and providing strategic coaching, each leader’s development plan should be personalized and holistic.

  • Equinix’s Ambitious Green Energy Goal

    Equinix is the first data center company to publicly commit to a goal of 100 percent renewable energy use across its portfolio.
  • Know How

    I think many of us can point to a few moments in our careers where the benefit of hindsight would have come in handy.

  • Howard Hughes’ Seaport District is Creating a “Port of Discovery” in Lower Manhattan

    As one of Howard Hughes Corp.’s most iconic assets, the Seaport District has already attracted top talent and businesses, bringing much-needed change to the lower Manhattan neighborhood.

  • Plymouth Industrial REIT Believes Class-B Properties Can Earn an A for Investors

    Plymouth invests in small properties with room for a diverse tenant mix rather than in class A buildings that typically have one big tenant.

  • NYSE’s Strong Female Lead

    Stacey Cunningham was appointed the first female president of the NYSE in May 2018.

  • Health Care REITs Living Longer

    The health care sector is often considered to be robust across the business cycle and less vulnerable to downturns, as people need health care in every business environment.

  • John Perkins

    RBC Capital Markets' John Perkins shares his perspective on the REIT market after more than 24 years of working in real estate investment banking.

  • Smaller Size Provides EARN Flexibility as Rates Change

    EARN prides itself on using its data and analytics to manage interest rate risk, rather than attempting to take a direction on where rates are heading. 

  • What Do You Wish You Knew When You Became CEO That You Have Since Learned?

    What do you wish you knew when you became CEO that you have since learned?

  • Names to Note

    People making news in the REIT and publicly traded real estate industry.