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    Data Center REIT CyrusOne Investing $100 Million in Chinese Company GDS

    CyrusOne will own approximately 8 percent of GDS
    CyrusOne will hold 8% stake in Chinese company.
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    Study Finds REIT Board Governance Practices Strong; More Diversity Needed

    REITs more likely to hold annual elections and separate roles of CEO and chairman.
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    FTSE Nareit All REITs Index Down 0.6% in September

    Real estate fundamentals remain unchanged, according to analysts.
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    REITs Aiding Recovery, Assessing Damage in Puerto Rico

    REITs with properties in the storm-devastated territory are focusing on assisting employees and evaluating Hurricane Maria’s impact on their operations.
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    Multifamily REIT UDR CEO Takes On Urban Development Challenges

    Tom Toomey
    Tom Toomey is global chairman of the Urban Land Institute.
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    U.S. REITs Outperform in 2017 GRESB Assessment

    U.S. REITs Outperform in 2017 GRESB Assessment
    Participating REITs record fifth straight year of increased GRESB scores.
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    Canadian REITs in Transition

    What’s driving the internationalization of Canadian REITs?