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    REITs: The Next 10 Years

    Ralph Block
    Equity REIT stocks, measured by the FTSE NAREIT All Equitys REITs Index, posted an amazing average annual total return of 11.22 percent in the last 30 years. Should we automatically expect similar returns in the decades ahead? No. REITs and...
  • REIT Magazine

    Four Quick Questions With Mark Decker Jr. of BMO Capital Markets

    Mark Decker Jr.
    "REITs have demonstrated the ability to lead the real estate sector."
  • News Article

    Study: REITs Raising Investment in Sustainability, Growing Returns

    Leader in the Light
    Data from Leader in the Light participants suggest REITs remaining strategic with investments in energy efficiency.
  • News Article

    Sector Focus: Industrial REITs Could Benefit from Increased Space Demands in 2015

    Supply of industrial space rising, but expected to remain in balance.
  • News Article

    REITs Fall Back in February

    REITs impacted by gains in 10-year Treasury note, analysts say.
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    Delinquent CMBS Loans Continue to Decline

    Borrowers getting in front of debt maturities, analysts say.
  • News Article

    Senior Housing Market Expected to Remain Lively for REITs in 2015

    Analysts say health care REITs continue to seek high-quality senior housing portfolios.