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    REIT Researcher Sees Strong Fundamentals Across Most Property Sectors

    Trepp senior managing director Susan Persin expects IPO activity to be sustained.
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    Quick Study: REITs Gain in August as Investors Grow Comfortable with Fundamentals

    Investors paying attention to lack of new supply nationwide, Case says.
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    Quick Study: REITs Keep Pace With Broader Market in November

    NAREIT’s Brad Case says REIT dividend yields remain high relative to other assets.  
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    CatchMark Timber CEO Expects Uptick in REIT's Acquisition Activity

    Jerry Barag says timber prices likely to accelerate modestly for remainder of 2015.
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    Rayonier CEO Says REIT Benefits From Diversification of Timber Markets

    Rayonier owns 2.7 million acres in U.S. and New Zealand.
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    Quick Study: Investor Uncertainty Produces Quiet Month for REITs

    Brad Case
    NAREIT’s Brad Case says investors waiting for more information on economy, Fed policy. 
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    Timber REIT Rayonier Expects Increased Harvest

    CEO David Nunes says New Zealand joint venture boosts diversification.