Residential REITs

Residential REITs own and manage various forms of residences and rent space in those properties to tenants. Residential REITs include REITs that specialize in apartment buildings, student housing, manufactured homes and single-family homes. Within those market segments, some residential REITs also focus on specific geographical markets or classes of properties.

  • Overview
    7/31/2020, FTSE
    • Number of REITs
    • Dividend Yield
    • YTD Total Return
    • July Total Return
    • 2020 Total Return
  • Quarterly Data
    • Q1 2020
    • FFO ($M)
      Q1 2020: $2,087
      2019: $8,189
    • NOI ($M)
      Q1 2020: $3,122
      2019: $11,971
    • Dividends paid ($M)
      Q1 2020: $1,413
      2019: $5,372
    • SS NOI
      Q1 2020: 3.80%

Residential REITs


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