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    Pebblebrook CEO: Supply-Demand Balance in Hotel REIT’s Favor

    Jon Bortz
    Hotel sector firms keeping pricing power, according to Bortz.
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    SoTHERLY Hotels CEO Says REIT's Group Travel Activity Boosting ADR

    CEO Andrew Sims says REIT taking disciplined approach to acquisitions.
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    Chatham Lodging CEO Says REIT Benefitting From Solid Business Demand

    Jeffrey Fisher says portfolio largely insulated from new supply concerns.
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    Luxury, Group Business Boosting Strategic Hotels

    Rip Gellein
    CEO Rip Gellein on the appeal of Austin market.
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    Fibra Inn Continues to Focus on Acquisitions in Business Travel Market

    Miguel Aliaga
    CFO Miguel Aliaga says Mexican REITs are working to increase visibility at home and abroad.
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    MCR CEO Sees "Rich" Acquisition Environment for Hotel Real Estate

    Tyler Morse
    Tyler Morse of MCR says foreign looking at hotels as safe havens.
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    Investment Strategist Remains Optimistic About Lodging, Suburban Office Real Estate

    Heitman’s Tim Pire expresses confidence in Japanese real estate market.