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    Capital One Banker Says Technology Having Profound Impact on Real Estate

    Greg Steele also sees investors taking selective approach toward IPOs.
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    Realty Income CEO Sees Continued Acquisition Opportunities

    CEO John Case expects occupancy rate to remain at 98 percent.
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    Wheeler REIT to Remain Focused on Performance in 2018

    CEO Jon Wheeler expects retailers to drive traffic offline and into stores.
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    Weingarten Realty CEO Highlights Benefits of Omnichannel Retail

    CEO Drew Alexander says omnichannel model “makes good real estate even more valuable.”
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    Real Estate Investment Strategist Sees Valuations Remaining Flat

    Scott Crowe
    Scott Crowe describes retail real estate as a “great non-consensus area” to consider.
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    Malls Are Here to Stay, Says Green Street Consultant

    Phil Owens
    Phil Owens of Green Street’s Advisory Group discusses long-term outlook in retail real estate.
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    Retail REIT InvenTrust Focusing on Sun Belt

    Thomas McGuinness
    CEO Thomas McGuinness says REIT’s balance sheet primed for future opportunities.