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  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Record Decline in GDP was Concentrated in a Few Areas, Bolstering Outlook for Recovery

    Nareit’s Calvin Schnure also says REIT Q2 earnings reports to date are in line with expectations.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Real Estate Deal Activity Falls in First Half; Recovery Possible by Q4: PwC

    PwC’s Tim Bodner says slowdown has hampered visibility into pricing.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Innovation in Office Sector Only Going to Accelerate Post-COVID

    CBRE’s Julie Whelan sees shift in expectations surrounding traditional work structures.  
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Housing Data Point to Economy’s Underlying Strength, Assuming Continued Reopening

    Nareit’s Calvin Schnure also sees most REIT sectors collecting nearly all their rent.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Economic Data Show Potential for Rebound, But Dependent on Continued Reopening

    Nareit’s Calvin Schnure watching start of REIT second quarter earnings season.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Family Rental Housing Segment Plays Key Future Role, ULI Expert Says

    ULI’s Christopher Ptomey says COVID-19 crisis could change investor outlook on segment.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    New State Closures Place Additional Strain on REIT Tenants

    BTIG’s Jim Sullivan expects REITs to continue to offer aid to tenants.