March/April 2015

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CubeSmart continues to build name recognition to go with a bigger portfolio of self-storage properties and services.

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  • David Neithercut

    In the Long Run

    Passive and actively managed funds provide the means by which the vast majority of REIT investors access the benefits of REIT-based real estate investment. Chief among them is a long-term track record of competitive performance.

  • Matt Bechard

    A Compelling Offer

    While the market conditions may vary and the volume will ebb and flow, the ingredients for a successful REIT IPO remain constant—strong management, compelling investment strategy and the right assets/portfolio.

  • Peachtree Dunwoody Medical Center

    The Right Prescription for Physicians Realty Trust

    Physicians Realty Trust wants to build a specialized health care real estate company that will stand the test of time.

  • Broadstone CEO AMy Tait


    Broadstone Real Estate CEO AMy Taits talks to  REIT magazine about how Broadstone competes with its larger, public peers, the experience of working alongside family and the potential growth for single-family rentals.

  • Russ Roberts

    Russ Roberts Applies Adam Smith to Modern-Day Issues

    In the 18th century, Adam Smith and his “invisible hand” changed the course of human history. The writings of the Scottish philosopher and father of economics have far more to offer than just wisdom on the law of supply and demand, though, according to Russ Roberts.

  • Flatiron Building

    Tight Supply Sending Hotel Occupancy Rates to Record Levels

    Luxury hotels and upscale resorts, favored properties for lodging REITs, have been in high demand by a variety of travelers for several years. Yet, few new hotels are under development, which is anticipated to push occupancy rates to 30-year highs by 2016. 

  • Mark Decker Jr.

    Mark Decker Jr., Managing Director, BMO Capital Markets

    "REITs have demonstrated the ability to lead the real estate sector."

  • Ralph Block

    The Next 10 Years

  • Names to Note

    The latest job announcements and industry news from the REIT industry.