REIT Market Commentary

Is the Real Estate Market Cycle In its Late Stages? (No.)

I think it’s very difficult to make any thoughtful (let alone empirically based) case for predicting that the current real estate market cycle is nearing its end.  The evidence simply isn’t there. Read More

Public/Private Valuation Gaps Starts to Close with Strength in Exchange-Traded REITs and Weakness in Private Transactions

Will the gap be closed through underperformance in what may be an overvalued private real estate market, overperformance in what seems very clearly to be an undervalued listed REIT market, or a little of both? Read More

REITs Leading the Sustainability Movement Among Commercial Real Estate

The movement towards more sustainable practices continues with commercial real estate, and REITs are helping lead the charge.  Read More

What’s the Outlook for New Construction? A Peak at REIT Development Pipelines in Q4

The $64 million question in commercial real estate today is whether or not the sector is past its peak and headed for a slowdown. Read More