May/June 2016

AvalonBay has remained true to its strategic mission over the past two decades.

Columns & Departments

  • Worthy of Recognition

    What probably looks like a simple administrative matter to the outside world could ultimately mean a great deal to the REIT community.

  • Matthew Bechard

    REITWeek Comes of Age

    The growth of REITWeek tracks the overall expansion and visibility of the REIT industry. 

  • REITs Reshaping Communities: San Francisco's Mission Bay

    When REITs invest in new development projects, the benefits extend beyond the companies and their tenants and shareholders.

  • Great Things in STORE

    STORE Capital Corp. has been delivering growth and earning plaudits from Wall Street since it debuted on the public market in 2014.

  • Dave Nadig

    Dave Nadig’s Facts on ETFs, GICS Changes

    Dave Nadig spoke with REIT magazine about the market for ETFs and the implications of the GICS move for listed REITs and real estate companies on the buy side of the investing industry.

  • A Good Prognosis for Medical Office Buildings

    Health care REITs are looking to capture more of the medical office building market share.

  • Kenneth Campbell

    Kenneth Campbell, Co-founder of CBRE Clarion Securities

    Campbell’s latest book, “Watch That Rat Hole and Witness the REIT Revolution,” offers a comprehensive look at the rise of the REIT industry and some of his most important life lessons.

  • Feeling the Flows

    Foreign capital flows are complex, and they can travel in more than one direction. 

  • Names to Note

    The latest job announcements and industry news from the REIT industry.