January/February 2017

The growth of influential research firm Green Street Advisors mirrors the rise of REITs.

Columns & Departments

  • Tim Naughton

    Get Optimized

    New research from Wilshire Funds Management illustrates the benefits of REIT dividends for income oriented investment portfolios.

  • Matt Bechard

    Teacher Say, Student Do

    You never know what or when a word of wisdom or a show of encouragement can make all the difference.

  • Hudson Pacific ICON

    Hudson Pacific Properties' Sunset Bronson & Sunset Grower Studios

    Hudson Pacific saw a rare, long-term opportunity to acquire two historic studios and 25 acres in a prime media market where talent wants to both work and live.

  • Monmouth, UMH Ready for Another 50 Years

    Eugene Landy and his sons have taken a patient approach to building up the two companies.

  • Jerry Ehlinger

    REITs as Real Estate and the Trump Factor

    Ehlinger talks Trump, the relationship between REITs and real estate, interest rate policy and more.

  • Apple Hospitality REIT

    More Room at the Inns?

    How lodging REITs and their competitors perform often depends on the types of audiences they want for their rooms.

  • Sam Chandon

    Sam Chandan, associate dean at NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate

    We are an industry defined by relationships—whether between borrowers and lenders, developers and sponsors, or REITs and analysts.

  • Deb Cafaro

    Paying it Forward

    I am excited to see a terrific cadre of next-generation leaders in the REIT space. 

  • Names to Note

    Industry news from the REIT industry.